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They're official documents. For the love of Christ.
what kind of fuckery
I do not pretend that the documents where I work are devoid of errors. I am sure they are rifled with their share of typos and grammatical fuck-ups. But I also know that none of the documents I have written up look like that. Why? Because they are government documents. We leave records to our successors on what we have seen and how certain obstacles may be overcome. I take my work seriously, seeing as how if you muck about you can inadventently destroy the universe or get shot or get a spot on your tie.

I found a delightful series of old documents today in the archives. Apparently, Torchwood used to have things called "mettings," wherein they discussed things like the "compnesation" of "those Tory puffs" for the "runway weavil."

The worst part is that it looks to have been written in my boss's handwriting. I hope he was drunk at the time. He always does certain... things... when he's drunk.


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