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Not what I planned
oh fuckbugger
Sorry for leaving for so long without notice. First, after my counterpart found a Dalek in a pond, I decided to take care of that with the Boss. Instead of ending in sex, as I had rather anticipated, it ended in paperwork. Which I had also anticipated, but was something of a let-down after everything else I had anticipated.

So I've been feeling more down than bitchy lately. I made the mistake of thinking the Boss (just going to call him Sir from now on, seeing as how I've nearly done it so many times all ready and it's shorter and saves time and such. Much more efficient. And this paranthetical was never supposed to be this long) would like Hairspray, the musical, not the movie, so I got us some great seats, and we got to see the Weevil disgrunted stagehand take a bite out of the lead up close.

Sir was very miffed, as he couldn't get a clear shot at it, and I'd left my comms in the glove compartment, along with my gun.

So Sir and I went tearing after it. And the romantic evening ended with paperwork.

O has noticed. He complained about the coffee. I put a little extra something in it for him. He won't complain again.

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Me thinks you need to demand a raise from Sir, or is it a rise? I can never get those terms straight. :P

I've pencilled it in on his character. Depending on how quickly he gets back to me, I might just walk in.

He isn't a big fan of boas, but as feathers are laden with promise, maybe I'll take one with me.

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