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This is Earth. This is how we roll.
studying the console
T and O finally got back from their trip to Spain to investigate some reports of talking plants. I'm not fooled. They basically went over and Owen had sex and Tosh followed after like a lovelorn puppy. I keep telling her - or at least I keep thinking of hinting in her general direction - that she could do so much better.

You can always tell when Owen has gotten laid because he leaves a trail of rubbish in his wake. This time around, the trail was wide and long, and please don't like think like Sir about that because I get quite enough of that, thank you.

In other news, T reports she found some flaws in our translator units and has fixed them. She tweaked mine so that I now know seven ways to say "Move your bloody car, you lazy fuck!" in Spanish. I'm thinking about changing the horn on the company car to a mariachi theme. That would certainly get people's attention.

Though they still likely wouldn't move out of the way quickly enough.

Sir is still distant, and I am almost but not quite ashamed to admit that I am now following him in my off-hours. Just a little. Just a bit. Not enough to get arrested for. I am going to find out what else he has to occupy his time, and if they're lucky I stungun them in the face.


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