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Between the Lines, Please
what kind of fuckery
Dear Mr Boss Captain Mr Boss,

The company car is two or three times the size of a normal company car. I understand this makes it difficult to park, and you are not always very bright, so I'm going to try and help.

There are these THICK WHITE LINES, yes? In theory, the car should go between them. There is are concrete supports on either side, yes. Welcome to the parking garage. There are concrete supports. They are supposed to be there. The next time I catch you complaining about them and trying to knock them down with the company car, God as my witness I am going to cut all your ties in half. I'm the one who has to fix any damages to the company car and the parking garge. Me. Not you. I am the one who is inconvenienced, and if you knock over the support? I can tell you right now: Windex and a bit of elbow grease is not going to fix it.

Anyway, yes. White lines. They are thick. They are on the ground. They do not move, so quit telling me they must have fallen through a temporal shift of some sort right as you came up to park the car.

No where - I repeat, NO WHERE - does it say, in any shape, form, or fashion, to park the company car behind my car, thus delaying me in getting to the drycleaners so I can retrieve your trousers.

I can't believe this is what my life has become.

Parking. You're doing it wrong. Please see the diagram I left on your desk for further details.



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